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Their profession is looked down upon by others, this transporter proves it with achievements

Alexander Orong Tewa (34) joined J&T Express as a transporter for Batam city since August 2020. Before joining J&T Express, Alexander worked as a driver at a grocery store so that being a transporter in delivery services did not make him confused or confused. He admits that his job is not much different so that it is not difficult for him to adapt. However, as a transporter, Alex sometimes gets views that denigrate his profession, even though according to him, even though his job as a transporter seems trivial, he must ensure that the vehicle is safe and arrives at its destination on time.

He did not really care about such condescending views, he was only patient when someone belittled him. In fact, not even a year of work Alex had the opportunity to become a Best Transporter candidate in the J&T Express Employee Award 2020 and won Best Transporter 2020 in Indonesia representing the city of Batam. He admitted that he was happy and proud to be selected in this employee award event. He is not overly ambitious to be the best, but he tries to work diligently and sincerely and wants the company where he works to be more successful in the future. "I am sufficient with what is there like now, there is no motivation or excessive ambition. The most important thing is that J&T Express is progressing & getting more successful, ”said the man who is the backbone of this family.

In duty as a transporter, in a day Alex is tasked with transporting packages from the Gateway route to the Drop Point. Within a day it can deliver packages to up to 3 drop points and deliver 4 routes. Traffic jams are not something he rarely encounters, sometimes the route he takes is supposed to take 30 minutes and can take up to 1 hour.

As a company engaged in shipping services that prioritizes excellent service and time discipline, Alexander is required to always maximize his work both individually and in teams for the smooth delivery and pickup of goods to their destination. He also admits that teamwork is very family-friendly and very close, so it is very supportive at work.

Its main duties and responsibilities as a transporter are to prepare a safe and comfortable vehicle, ensure that the vehicle used is in a clean condition, has a box that does not leak, has a safe lock, and has excellent engine equipment and conditions. In addition, he also needs to record the time of departure and arrival at the destination accompanied by the number of kilometers reached so that he can find out the length of the trip. Another thing that needs to be prepared is the completeness of documents for the departure and arrival process. All these things he needed to do every time he was on duty.

For him in shipping goods, transportation is the most critical part of a logistics chain and one of the main elements in the world of logistics. "Whatever we do with transportation activities in service to customers, it is necessary to ensure that security and safety are the same as betting on fate," said Alex.

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