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I used to walk to and from work, now Bagus ride a sport motor

"Get sick first, have fun then" this sentence is not just a proverb, JnT friends! Because Bagus Santoso, one of the office boys at J&T Express headquarters has proven it. Worked since 2015 at J&T Express, making Bagus a well-known office boy in the head office environment. Besides being diligent, Bagus is also very friendly and does not hesitate to help all employees.

Working is nothing new for Bagus, but working at J&T Express gives him satisfaction. Why is that? because in addition to a more comfortable work environment, hard work Bagus is also able to realize his dream since he was small, namely buying a motor sport. "When I was interviewed at J&T Express, I was told that my job also had to send packages and office documents, so I had to use a motorcycle, I wasn't there, so I borrowed it first. From there I was determined to have a motorbike, and the motorbike must be what I wanted from the past, the latest Yamaha Vixion motorcycle, " Bagus said.

The dream that is now realized is not happening suddenly, but thanks to his diligence in saving and managing finances well. "I must save money every month, so I separate them for day-to-day needs, for parents in the village, and for savings. Savings vary each month depending on the current financial condition, but as much as possible definitely saved. From the first time I commuted to work on foot until I could buy the motorbike now, ”Bagus continued when asked about how Bagus could buy his dream motorbike

At J&T Express, in addition to providing stable income, also teaches Bagus to work earnestly, and take responsibility for its obligations. This makes Bagus happier and eager to go through the day in reaching dreams.

Currently the man who was born in Lampung is also still paying for his sister and family's school in the village. Good spirit teaches us that no matter how big our income will never be enough if we are not good at managing it, so stay grateful for what we get and keep trying to realize our dreams

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