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Starting From Handling 1 Drop Point to 9 Drop Points

Being a leader is not as easy as it seems. Behind the authority and authority they have, of course the responsibilities they carry are very many. That is what happened to Mr. Anton who joined J&T Express since he was founded in 2015 starting with training as a supervisor handling 1 drop point until he is promoted to serve as Regional Manager of Indramayu and Subang branches since March 2017. Mutated from Karawang branch to Indramayu branch and Subang did not discourage him even though he was far from his family. It is precisely support from the family that makes Him what he is today.

As a leader, Anton certainly tries to reach out to all the teams he supports, starting from sprinter, admin, coordination and transmitters, as many as 9 drop points in Subang and Indramayu. He always supports the performance of his team to work well again. He often posts the performance of his team as a motivation to other employees and appreciation for their performance.

Anton's leadership style is not always rigid but he also takes a personal and family approach to his entire team. "I know the whole team under my auspices like family, not infrequently some of them also confide in personal problems and even their families to me, usually if I can help I try to help them," Anton said.

Besides that, he also routinely went together with the rest of his team such as fishing, traveling in the West Java area for refreshing, muddling and even breaking the fast together in turns at each drop point. All of these things he lived to continue to maintain good friendship with his team. However, Anton also has a firm side in his leadership. He continues to conduct evaluations per day and go directly to the field to find out all the obstacles faced by them, inadequate facilities and security, even poor employee performance. "Because we evaluate it on a daily basis, it will be easier for us to know their performance if it decreases. Usually I will call them personally, ask the obstacles and find a solution together ”.

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