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Achieved Sprinter Predicate With Highest Pickup for 4 Years, This Man Is Still Able To Have Quality Time With Family

Purwanto (39), a sprinter who has served in West Sleman DC since October 2017, is known as a diligent and disciplined person by his colleagues. Pursuing a profession as a courier who works in the field every day is certainly a challenge in itself, but Purwanto admits that he is happy with this profession so that he has consistently won the title of sprinter with the highest pickup every month for the last 4 years.

Despite winning the title with the highest pickup, Purwanto is also in charge of delivering customer packages. Generally he is on standby to pick up at 17.00 and in a day he is able to pick up 500-800 packages, and during peak season he picks up more than 1,100 packages per day. This native man from Jogja admitted that working at J&T Express helped him achieve a better economy and have a comfortable home and vehicle.

Living far from the office is not an obstacle for Purwanto, he is willing to travel 25km from where he lives to the office every day. “Previously I worked in the electrical installation section and the engineering section of cargo ships and tank boats. The work that used to have to be far away from the island and even in the ocean, so I wanted to be close to my family too. In my current job, I feel comfortable even though I have to be away from home, but every day I can go home and see my family.” said Purwanto.

Even though he is busy at work, Purwanto always makes time for his family. "I enter the afternoon shift from 11-19, in the morning I spend time with my family such as helping my wife, taking school children to be close to the children."

Just like other sprinters, of course Purwanto also has a unique experience with his customers but he always handles it with a cool head. Until the last 4 years, he also has regular customers who he picks up where the customer feels comfortable with the service he provides. "I have a customer who has delivered the most pickups, it has been running for 4 years, until now, I have been loyal to J&T and I have picked up. Thank God, a comfortable customer took my pickup. No matter how busy the delivery package is, I still have to pick up the pickup even though I go back and forth. In the era of more and more expeditions, we must dare to fight to provide the best service, provide good service, be comfortable.”

Purwanto also shared the experiences he had, especially when he liked being a sprinter. "It's nice to see that the customer receiving the package is happy, the package arrives faster than estimated, we are more confident because J&T is faster, also if the shipment or pickup target is achieved, it exceeds the target."

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