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Yulia's Work Mutation Instill Discipline Until the Leader Position

Joining at J&T Express since October 2016, Yuliana Fitri works as admin of Drop Point (DP) Payakumbuh-02, West Sumatra. Yulia, as she was called, had a number of mutations to work in several other DPs, until she was promoted to assume the responsibilities of Leader. Yulia also continues to carry out admin duties so she must be extra careful to carry out her work. How many months after that, transferred again to DP Payakumbuh-01, here he is working with a new team again and must be able to adapt quickly.

"At first I wasn't sure that I could handle the position of Leader, and I got the highest theoretical and practical value after training, being encouraged by West Sumatra's J&T Express friends, thank God, it can be comfortable and can last this long," said Yulia. Blending in with a new team does not go smoothly, many challenges are faced so that the team's communication is maintained, especially coordination with the DP sprinter who continues to pick up and deliver customer packages.

Yulia creates the convenience of working with the team, and is open to discussion, the goal is to be able to respect one another while being able to share knowledge so as not to be negligent in calculating financial drop points, so that the work is handled well. From this experience of working mutation, Yulia instilled in herself to need to improve discipline, this is where she became more confident in carrying out her responsibilities wisely.

Switching work placements into a positive thing taken by Yulia, because it is often mutated that she can find out where are the weaknesses and strengths of a Drop Point and what must be done in order to become a more tidy drop point in terms of management. In fact, Yuliana often dropped to the field to deliver when the number of shipments was experiencing a surge.

Another position offer was once offered to Yulia, at that time in the middle of her second year working for the Quality Control area of West Sumatra. However, because there are other considerations, he chose to carry out the responsibilities that he was living. Establishing compact teamwork, as a Drop Point Leader, he can minimize the mistakes that exist. One of these is what got him the best admin nomination.

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