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Starting from delivering packages to conflict areas to being intercepted by residents, Adhil's good intentions and hard work have resulted in career advancement and appreciation

Since joining in 2016, Muhammad Adhil started his journey as a J&T Express Sprinter delivering packages to the Biak area, Biak Numfor Regency, Papua. At that time, Adhil sent packages to the area ranging from 50 to 80 packages every day. It doesn't sound like much, but the travel route is quite time-consuming to be able to catch all the packages to the recipient on the same day. Even though the weather is not always good, he is always enthusiastic about carrying out his duties so that the delivery remains smooth and on time.

As is generally when working in the field, Adhil also experienced difficulties when delivering packages to areas prone to conflicts between residents where when passing through this route, several people intercepted him and were asked about the ease of entering the area. Adhil tried to answer calmly and indicated that he wanted to send the package. . to customers. However, they were not allowed to pass and they were asked to contact the recipient to pick up the package at that location, with good intentions he explained to the residents guarding the area there but the result was zero, and it was forbidden to pass through that road there.

Because he still had to bring quite a lot of other packages to be delivered, he was forced to contact the recipient and explain slowly, the recipient who was lucky to understand the situation finally had to wait until the recipient arrived. This incident caused Adhil's delivery time to be shortened, but he is grateful that there was no harsh treatment such as threats or forced taking of the package. This was prevented because there were frequent hit-and-runs in the area, forcing a number of residents to limit road access there. Adhil also set a strategy to contact the beneficiary in advance if there are other packages with a similar purpose, so that the process is always smooth and not delayed.

After working as a sprinter for about 1 year, Adhil was trusted to become a Transporter, namely shipping with longer routes using operational cars to distribute packages to the East Biak, West Biak and North Biak areas. The distance to each location is approximately 100 km, the focus of the work is to deliver the packages according to the destination schedule, then proceed with pulling the packages or receiving packages that enter the Gateway to be sorted according to the intended sub-district. Unexpectedly, there had been a case of racism which also raged in the Biak area, Papua. Due to many access constraints, Adhi and the team had to rearrange the delivery route as much as possible to avoid chaos but also consider security when sending packages. Not infrequently he helps the team for sending gateways and picking up packages from Jayapura.

Adhi's performance in carrying out his duties was getting more organized, his good intention to carry out the task without making it a burden prevented him from finding a way, he was again entrusted with taking on a new task as Biak Drop Point Supervisor. Even though now he is no longer always involved in delivering packages to customers, the experience from that trip has made him trained to manage the rotation of incoming and outgoing packages properly. From his hard work, at the end of last year Adhil was awarded the Best Employee 2022.

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