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Inspired From Friends Satire, This Is Gugun’s Unique Way of Building Self-Motivation To Continue To Grow

Working since December 2016, Gugun Gunawan is one of the tough J&T Express sprinters. He has the responsibility of delivering packages to Kalimulya area, Depok, West Java. After one year, Gugun focuses on arranging package pick-ups and arranging pickup times with his teammates so the service goes on well.

Having limitations on the legs due to an accident that was experienced several years ago, made Gugun stopped working for a while, at first he could walk like people in general, but the ability to walk on the legs was not like before because of serious injuries he sustained. This made Gugun very depressed, but he did not want to be immersed in the situation.

In carrying out his work, Gugun is often called "Oon" which means careless by his friends, as if to be a satire. Interestingly, while working at J&T Express Depok, Gugun has his own style of motivating himself, namely by changing the negative stigma by interpreting the word Oon into something positive.

He changed the word to 3 words; OTAK (BRAIN), which means always thinking positively in doing things or actions in order to realize all desires and hopes for the sake of success. OTOT (MUSCLE), that is the ability of the energy that we have we can use as much as possible in order to arrive at one expected destination. NYALI (REAL), that is courage, full responsibility, honest and disciplined in the work in every decision, always ready and consider the risks that will occur.

"Because my friend often said the word Oon to me, then I was inspired to develop the meaning to be positive for myself," said Gugun.

Encouragement and support from family and relatives that make it not broken. Responsibility and honesty are the principles of work that he applied to himself, he applied while serving at J&T Express and self-discipline in carrying out tasks according to standard operational procedures.

Unexpectedly, the positive motivation to strengthen his determination, brought the group managed to build cooperation contracts with several online shops and embrace a VIP customer to make an increase that affects the DP where he works. This achievement did not make Gugun arrogant, he always showed a good attitude, from his experience, he also always shared motivation and positive influence to all his colleagues to always work without ignoring the rules that apply.

"Delivery is not just 'what is important is the package runs out', but it must provide good service and attitude to the customers," said Gugun.

Thanks to his skills at work, he is now trusted to hold the responsibilities of Drop Point Supervisor (DP) for Cilodong and Kostrad areas. This self-motivation he has never forgotten, his hopes can be an inspiration for others.

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