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Prospective Teachers Who Choose to Be Sprinters

"Prestige does not make a full stomach," said Marhayani Siregar, a woman born on November 11, 1989 who is also the second female sprinter at the Aceh drop point. Yani himself is a graduate of education who has just completed his education this year, but why did Yani choose sprinter as his profession?

The prospective teacher or educator could get an offer to become a teacher in a school in Banda Aceh, but with a salary that was considered to be insufficient to meet their daily needs Yani finally chose another way to work. Yes, by becoming a Sprinter at J&T Express, this woman who was already familiar with hard work and had taken energy had once joined her father as a child to work as a construction worker. "Since childhood, Yani has been used to join the father of building work, so like putty trellis, sandpaper, paint the walls and others have already. So this sprinter's work is not new and hard for Yani, "he said with laughter.

In addition to the current better income, Yani who joined the J&T Express family in Banda Aceh since August 2016 felt comfortable and adaptable because the team and superiors who uphold a sense of family. When feeling difficult and confused about work, Yani can directly communicate to superiors and the entire team and then can immediately get constructive solutions and suggestions.

"I have never felt ashamed to do this job as long as it is comfortable, it's good to not have to be proud of it," said Yani when asked by the J&T Express team whether she felt ashamed if Yani had an education degree but worked as a courier. An answer that is very inspiring that any type of work as long as we are passionate and wholeheartedly doing it will always have a positive impact on ourselves yes JT friends

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