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Skilled In Handling Delivery Problems, Santy Has Succeeded in Becoming a Reliable Team

Joining J&T Express on 16 May 2017 as Inquiry staff in the Call Center division, Santy Amellia (26) realized that she did not have experience in the expedition sector because she previously worked in banking. She believed that she would be able to develop her potential to be able to adapt and work optimally. Assigned in the Call Center division, Santy had to undergo several training periods before going directly to carry out his responsibilities in that section. However, after going through this training period, he was very interested in joining the complaint call center section. Because, all employees there can carry out investigations and handle customer complaints which can be said to be in the "difficult" category. Even though it was not easy to get this position, this reason motivated him to hone his skills and make a contribution to the company.

Carrying out his duties as Inquiry staff at that time, Santy mostly received customer calls and provided the required information. Of course, there are ups and downs experienced in running it because of his responsibility to serve the problems experienced by customers. It is not uncommon for him to receive complaints regarding delivery problems, sometimes he has to be prepared to hear unpleasant remarks. However, he is trained to serve well, and understands that his job as a call center is to be able to calm customers' anger and explain in detail the delivery problems that customers are complaining about.

"Here I learned, if we can help customers explain their complaints well, then customers will really feel helped and even grateful. "Because I don't think everyone who contacts the call center will be angry, there are times when they praise the call center service because they think the service provided really helps customers," said Santy.

At one time, Santy received a quite challenging assignment, he was asked to solve a problem related to compensation for losses, even though in his heart he was wondering why he was assigned, he still worked on the problem optimally until compensation was completed, and provided a settlement report. to his superiors. A few days later, he was called to meet his superiors. Unexpectedly, Santy's success in resolving yesterday's problem, made him entrusted with the task of being in the Complaints call center division. Knowing this, Santy felt very happy and grateful, because his target since the beginning of joining was to be able to join this division.

Not wanting to be complacent just because he had been chosen, he felt he still had to hone his skills. While carrying out his new responsibilities, he gained a lot of knowledge, starting to carry out tasks to solve problems from checking CCTV, creating solutions from the results of investigations, handling service with customers in the heavy handling category, and several other tasks. The challenges he faced strengthened his enthusiasm to become an employee who could be relied on and help with data processing work in the Complaints team.

His work didn't run smoothly straight away, Santy experienced a little difficulty when he faced problems with sending a package containing clothes for immediate use, where the contents of the package had a fairly large nominal amount, so the communication took quite a long time and had to meet directly with the customer to provide explanations and negotiations. both parties. Even though it is difficult and quite complicated, with teamwork and support from the leadership team, problems can still be resolved well.

Here, Santy feels that teamwork is very influential, especially the support of the team leader who directs him to become a strong person and in his journey in working in the Call Center Complaints division, he feels that his communication network has become much wider than before. For him, carrying out this job is a pleasant thing if done sincerely and thanks to working at J&T Express he was able to continue his education at undergraduate level majoring in English literature to strengthen his language skills.

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