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Celebrate Indonesia's 76th Anniversary with MERDEKA KIRIM PAKET Get 100% Free Shipping throughout Indonesia only on August 17, 2021!


How to Use the Merdeka Kirim Paket Voucher

1. Download/Update J&T Express Application to the latest version, then open the application

2. Select "Order", then select “Drop Off”

3. Fill in your shipping data and item information

4. Select the voucher column and use the Merdeka Kirim Paket voucher

5. Click "Finish"!

The 100% Free Shipping Promo will be used immediately and you don't have to pay for postage again when the packages are sent to the nearest drop point J&T Express! 


Merdeka Kirim Paket Terms and Conditions

1. Free Shipping Promo 100% Merdeka Kirim Paket is valid at Drop Points and J&T Express Collection Points throughout Indonesia. Only valid on August 17, 2021, with operational times for each area.

2. Merdeka Kirim Paket is valid for non-monthly and non-marketplace Regular deliveries, or drop offs to the nearest J&T Express Drop Point/ Collection Point, and also applies to drop off and pick up systems via the official J&T Express application/hotline.

3. Merdeka Kirim Paket promo can be used on all types of J&T Express services, such as EZ/regular, ECO and J&T Super. For the use of J&T Super services, there is no money back guarantee if the package arrives outside the service level agreement (SLA).

4. Merdeka Kirim Paket promo does not apply to COD and DFOD payment methods. Some areas that are constrained by PPKM can not participate in Merdeka Kirim Paket program.

5. The maximum number of Merdeka Kirim Paket transactions is 5 receipts/person with a maximum package weight of 3 Kg/package.

6. The Sender (in this case the Customer) who sends the goods must pack the goods properly and guarantee that the packaging can protect the contents of the goods sent during the delivery process. All forms of damage & loss in shipping caused by poor packaging, are beyond the responsibility of J&T Express.

7. J&T Express prohibits the shipment of goods such as corpses or parts thereof, living or dead animals, illegal drugs, weapons, ammunition, other flammable materials, high-value art items, securities, money, precious metals, high-value jewelry or the like and goods prohibited by applicable law in Indonesia based on the 1945 Constitution.

8. J&T Express has the right but is not obliged to inspect the shipment to ensure that the goods sent do not violate applicable laws. If without the knowledge of J&T Express, the Sender (in this case is the Customer) sends the goods prohibited in point 8, then the sender (in this case is the Customer) frees J&T Express from all costs of damage or others and for claims and/or claims from any party.

9. If the package is lost/damaged during shipping, customers can still make a claim in accordance with the terms of J&T Express delivery.

10. The sender must include an invoice for submitting a package insurance claim. 

11. The maximum limit for submitting a claim for package damage is 7 working days after the package is received.

12. J&T Express will not provide compensation to customers (in this case the Sender) due to events or things beyond control of J&T Express or damage due to natural disasters (Force Majeure).

13. Customers can make claims for damaged/lost packages, in accordance with the applicable provisions at J&T Express.

14. If you have made an insurance payment and completed all claim documents, then J&T Express will make a claim payment, the package containing the document gets a maximum replacement of IDR 2,000,000 (Two Million Rupiah) and the package containing the goods MUST provide proof of a valid price and nominal goods according to the invoice with a maximum replacement of Rp. 20,000,000.- (Twenty Million Rupiah).If you don’t use shipping insurance, then the claim will be paid for the goods listed on the invoice, or a maximum of Rp. 1.000.000,- (One Million Rupiah) for a package containing goods, and a maximum of Rp. 100.000,- (One Hundred Thousand Rupiah) for a package containing documents.

15. In addition to the agreement or terms and conditions written in this information, J&T Express cannot be prosecuted and burdened with agreements or other legal grounds except with a written agreement approved by the authorized person in charge of J&T Express.

16. When delivering goods to J&T Express, the Sender (in this case is the Customer) is deemed to have read and agreed to all the terms and conditions of delivery listed without any coercion from any party, and frees J&T Express from any claims or forms of compensation. 

FAQ Merdeka Kirim Paket


1.       Can Merdeka Kirim Paket promo only be obtained at/certain destinations?

Merdeka Kirim Paket promo can be obtained at all Drop Points and J&T Express Collection Points with destinations throughout Indonesia. 

2.       Does Merdeka Kirim Paket promo also get free insurance and wood packing?

Merdeka Kirim Paket promo only available for 100% free shipping only.

3.       How to check package receipt?

Checking J&T Express receipt number can be done independently at www.jet.co.id / track through J&T Express application available on Playstore and Appstore.


4.   Can the customer get Merdeka Kirim Paket promo, if there is a change in AWB/receipt number on August 17 during the delivery?

Merdeka Kirim Paket promo is valid for non-monthly and non-marketplace Regular deliveries, or drop offs to the nearest J&T Express Drop Point / Collection Point, and also applies to drop off and pick up systems through the official J&T Express application / hotline. 


5.       How to make a claim?

To carry out claim procedures, you can contact J&T Express call center at Hotline 021-8066-1888. Then tell the type of service and delivery receipt number and complete the required requirements form.


6.       What if the customer sends a package containing dangerous goods (Dangerous Good)?

For customers who intentionally send prohibited goods or dangerous goods, based on Article 47 of Law no. 38 Th. 2009, customers will be sentenced to a maximum imprisonment of 5 (five) years or a maximum fine of Rp.,- (One Billion Rupiah) and the delivery service provider (J&T Express) cannot be held responsible for this incident. 


#MerdekaKirimPaket Challenge 17-19 August 2021


Let's join #MerdekaKirimPaket Challenge and win iPhone 11, realme 8 and Realme Watch S.

It's easy:

1. Follow Instagram @jntexpressid, Account is not private

2. Send a package using J&T on August 17th and upload the photo showing the fun of merdeka kirim paket in your version on INSTAGRAM STORY, and give an interesting short caption.

3. Use the hashtag #MerdekaKirimPaket and tag @jntexpressid

Come on, share your posts until August 19th. Winners will be announced on August 21, 2021 on Instagram Story @jntexpressid

The jury's decision on determining the winner is irrevocable.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's join the fun with your J&T Express receipt photos now!

*For convenience and maintaining the confidentiality of customer privacy data, JnT Friends can cover the address on the receipt with a sticker / hand. Thank you.


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