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Convoy More than 50 KM, Troops J&T Express Merdeka Jakarta

Jakarta, 10 September 2017 - J&T Express once again greets the public through convoy activities more than 50 km organized by the Jakarta branch. The convoy was attended by dozens of Jakarta drop point employees, using various fleets from motorbikes to J&T Express box cars.

The purpose of this event is to build friendship between J&T Express internally and establish friendship with the surrounding community. By taking to the streets the community can be more easily found and addressed. "We are aware that there are so many J&T Express customers throughout Indonesia, but we also want to continue to get to know more of our prospective customers. At present J&T Express is still in the process of developing so that not all people recognize J&T Express, our hope from this event can be closer and get to know the people of Indonesia starting from Jakarta first. "Said Mr. Star, as the leader of J&T Express Jakarta branch.

The convoy that started from J&T Express Basura branch, East Jakarta and ended on Jl Pemuda, Rawa Mangun was officially opened by Mr. Star and Mrs. Ani Lee as the leader of J&T Express Jakarta branch. Hopefully in the future this event can be held in various cities in Indonesia, to be able to realize silahtuhrami to J&T Express customers throughout Indonesia.

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