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Together with idEA, J&T Express Holds a Roadshow for Education for SME Creative Industry Entrepreneurs

J&T Express together with the Indonesian E-commerce Association (idEA) held a SME entrepreneur education roadshow as an effort to support government programs to advance SMEs into economic pillars by educating SMEs to develop through social media and e-commerce. The roadshow, which was attended by more than 100 SME participants in each city, was held for 3 months in 9 cities, namely Ambon, Sidoarjo, Kudus, Bogor, Lombok, Tasikmalaya, Tanjung Pandan, Lampung and Padang, which began in July 2018 until the end of September 2018.

"The series of events is a form of commitment of the IDEA which has a mandate to synergize the interests of the government, business owners, platform owners, marketing actors and SME and SME community empowerers to jointly formulate the main objectives of the digital economy especially e-commerce is the empowerment of SME products and "Local SMIs in the national, regional and global region." Said Ignatius Untung, General Head of idEA.

Supporting government programs to reach the target of 6 million SME entrepreneurs who have marketed their products online by the end of 2020, in the roadshow held by IDEa and J&T Express, it is equipped with training and education such as transformation from offline to e-SMEs, online marketing practices with social media platforms , the practice of expanding the market through gadgets, various payment solutions, tips and tricks selling online, to e-commerce solutions in terms of logistics brought by J&T Express. In addition to the educational material, the participants were also given training programs and hands-on practice from the trainers, which was closed with a session to share experiences of SMEs who had done business online.

"Nowadays, Indonesian people have started to switch from offline to online, as many as 3.97 million of 59.2 million SMEs who go digital, so facilities like this educational roadshow are needed to provide supplies for other SMEs who have not gone online. Not only providing solutions from shipping services, but here together with the Indonesian E-commerce Association, we also partner with other solutions in the world of E-commerce so that it becomes a unified solution for SMEs who want to go digital, ”said Robin Lo as CEO J&T Express.

Not only limited to the roadshow, J&T Express also participated in the National SME Conference with the theme Local Good held on 12-14 September 2018 held at The Kasablanka - Jakarta together with idEA which discussed several important issues such as the growth of e-commerce in Indonesia, ways to develop local products that are competitive in order to enjoy the growth of Indonesian e-commerce, what policies are needed to improve the competitiveness of local products amid the onslaught of imported products in Indonesian e-commerce or through cross-border e-commerce and support needed in the middle to facilities what is needed downstream to bring local products can compete in the domestic market as well as go global through e-commerce.

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