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Watch BLACKPINK BORN PINK Tour Jakarta Concert with J&T Express

Let's watch the Blackpink concert with J&T Express specifically for internal agents, internal partners, and J&T FRIENDS. Get 2 VIP + Soundcheck tickets and 10 CAT 1 tickets now!

  1.  Follow Instagram @jntexpressid, the account is not private

  2. Post your best photo on Instagram Feed and write in the caption why you want to watch BLACKPINK with J&T Express using the hashtag #NontonBLACKPINKbarengJNT + J&T Express receipt number for 2023

  3. Tag 3 of your friends and @jntexpressid then share this post on your story

  4. The twelve selected winners will be announced on March 3, 2023 on the J&T Express website and social media.

  5. The jury's decision on determining the winner is final and cannot be contested.


  1. J&T Express has the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notification.

  2. J&T Express has the right to cancel the winner unilaterally if a non-compliance with the applicable terms and conditions is found or there is an indication of fraud that is detrimental to J&T Express.

  3. By following #NontonBLACKPINKbarengJNT, all participants are deemed to understand and agree to all applicable terms and conditions.

  4. This program does not charge any fees, all winning taxes and shipping costs in this program are fully borne by J&T Express.

  5. J&T Express only provides #NontonBLACKPINKbarengJNT concert tickets without additional accommodation for the winner.

  6. Tickets cannot be cashed.

  7. In connection with the ticket claim process, J&T Express has the right to ask the winners for complete personal data information.

  8. J&T Express does not cooperate/use third parties in implementing this program. Be careful of fraud mode on behalf of J&T Express.


Congratulations to all of the winners of #NontonBLACKPINKBarengJNT . Each of you will get 1 concert ticket of BLACKPINK BORN PINK Tour Jakarta from J&T Express.

Here's the Instagram ID Winners:

VIP + Soundcheck Ticket Winners

- @kalfah_

- @Bayusam1

CAT 1 Ticket Winners:

- @Nabpricillia
- @Nictabebex
- @Daisyisroses
- @Iwithiwi
- @Nandaalfiraputri
- @Rara.zanubaa
- @_singadiwirya15
- @Ellaw_0903
- @Zeskisqq
- @khoirun.nisa.24

This program does not charge any fees. Be careful of fraud mode on behalf of J&T Express.

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