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Caring for Fitness and Body Health, J&T Express Holds Pagi Pagi Angkat Paket 2018

J&T Express once again held a joint sport after success with a similar activity in 2016 with the theme "Pagi Pagi Angkat Paket" which was held at Car Free Day on November 25, 2018. This activity was held as a form of J&T Express concern for the community to maintain body fitness and health. This activity attracted a lot of interest from car free day participants who attended that day to participate in the whole series of activities held by J&T Express.

The event opened with Zumba, who were guided by a professional instructor for 1 hour, which was then followed by various interesting games such as sports obstacles that had to be passed to win prizes. In this activity J&T Express also provides free isotonic drinks to zumba participants and participants who have taken a photo in the J&T Express car free day area on that day. Not only that, the participants were also introduced to the J&T Express dance "Come on Send" at the beginning of the ongoing game.

"Everyday activity, especially in the capital city, is certainly very time-consuming so in this car free day we want to do more enjoyable sports activities such as zumba and also sports-related games for the visitors who attend. So not only do sports but also of course have fun with games in this activity. "Said Rachel, Brand Manager of J&T Express.

Every participant who won the games and quiz in PPAP 2018 was given a variety of prizes such as cutlery, tumblers, to shopping vouchers with a total of millions of rupiah. In this PPAP activity, visitors who have taken pictures in the J&T Express area with the hashtag # JnTPPAP2018 have the opportunity to get an HP Oppo that will be announced on the J&T Express social media on November 30, 2018.

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