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Attracting Local Entrepreneurs, J&T Express Invites Students to Experience Business in J&T Youngpreneur Hybrid Roadshows in 10 Cities

Jakarta, April 6, 2021 - J&T Express, an express delivery service company that prioritizes system and technology in its delivery operation, is continuing the J&T Youngpreneur roadshow as a series of J&T Super Seller programs to re-invite students from all over Indonesia to develop and motivate the online business they build through educational seminars, and conducted in hybrid (online and offline) at 10 big cities in Indonesia.

The program, which runs from March 8th - April 8th, 2021, carries the theme "Start Your Experience, Be A Great Entrepreneur" by presenting young entrepreneurs who are successful in their fields as speakers in each city, aimed at increasing the enthusiasm of students as prospective young entrepreneurs and using creativity in developing local business. This year’s J&T Youngpreneur roadshow was held in several cities including Medan, Palembang, Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Depok, Bali, Banjarmasin, Makassar and Samarinda.

In collaboration with the Young On Top millennial community, J&T Youngpreneur offline activity is held with standard health protocol, all participants including the executive committee and speakers are required to take saliva antigen test, and wear masks during the event and only a maximum of 50 offline participants can attend. The activity is broadcast live through a Zoom webinar so that participating students either from within the city or outside the city can join online.

Not just a presentation from local entrepreneurs, participants of J&T Youngpreneur had the opportunity to ask questions in a question and answer session in terms of how to start a business to achieve success at a young age, business management and interesting tips and tricks to be able to survive so that the business grows, where the role of express delivery service become a supporting factor for the smooth running of online business, especially during the pandemic.

J&T Express Brand Manager, Herline Septia conveyed the enthusiasm of participants towards online business, so this series of programs is expected to be able to find aspiring entrepreneurs at the student level to develop. "Through this J&T Youngpreneur roadshow, we see the interest and enthusiasm of students in starting an online business, but the majority are confused about how to develop it. Here, J&T Express focuses on inviting students to start developing enthusiasm and motivation for online business even during the pandemic period and will be supported by entrepreneurs who are already successful in their fields, in a series of continuing activities, namely the J&T Super Seller competition program, "he said.

J&T Youngpreneur is a series of the J&T Super Seller program, a competition program with a business incubator format that aims to increase the success of micro business development at the student level. During the competition period, the participants will be provided with business capital and educational provision from business experts. As a continuation, after the roadshow in the last city is done, J&T Express opens opportunities for active students in Indonesia to develop their business and receive business capital in the J&T Super Seller competition program, which will start on April 8th to August 20th, 2021. Registration can be done in the website www.jntsuperseller.com.


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