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The Spirit of 8 Years of Travel Serving Delivery in Indonesia, J&T Express Holds a Festival Titled J&T Connect Fest

Jakarta, August 15, 2023 - J&T Express, as a global-scale delivery service, celebrates its 8th year in Indonesia by continuing to develop its services and business models. From improving service options to improving operational facilities, the company has succeeded in expanding its service capacity according to the delivery needs of the community. Their commitment to providing new experiences to customers is reflected in the various campaign programs that are actively running. J&T Express also appreciates the contribution of customers and the community through activation programs that support SME businesses and the community. These programs not only strengthen the company's image, but also embody a commitment to provide a positive social impact on society.

"It is a challenge for us to continue to build a company amidst the turmoil of changing industrial trends. However, with the trust given, it keeps us motivated to create superior innovations to improve service for the Indonesian people. With the presence of service innovations to meet shipping needs, we continue to get good feedback from the community so that business development experiences an average increase of 40-50% every year." Said Robin Lo, CEO of J&T Express.

Along with the 8th anniversary, J&T Express with its young, active and warm characteristics will hold the "J&T Connect Fest", which is the culmination of a series of J&T Connect programs which are a connecting vessel for various communities. This festival will combine several creative industries ranging from art, music, communities to connect with each other in one activation space that can be enjoyed by people with various interests, as well as open up opportunities to work and will be held at Ecopark Ancol, Jakarta on 26 August 2023.

"J&T Connect Fest will be the culmination of a series of J&T Connect activity programs. Here it will be a place for communities to express their work, and be able to connect with one another, through this festival it is hoped that it will become an arena for creative collaboration between communities and society," said Herline Septia, Brand Manager for J&T Express.

In the series of J&T Connect campaigns previously started with the J&T Connect SME Expo, which presented 50 local sellers to show their products and had the opportunity to be visited in person by the ministry of commerce, thereby opening up opportunities to expand the market. The next series was carried out by the J&T Connect Run, which was a running sports activity which was attended by 2,500 runners including friends from the disabled community. In addition to highlighting the benefits of a healthy life, this activity aims to invite the public to move together and support our brothers and sisters with disabilities, and at the same time give donations symbolically from the proceeds of the event.

In line with the consistency of strengthening brand positioning, next underway is a photo competition with the theme 'Thousands of Expreѕѕions' in collaboration with Rio Motret, during the period 3-23 August 2023. All people can take part by registering via Instagram social media @jntexpressid and judging the winners will be made directly by Rio Motret. Furthermore, the work of the best participants from the results of the photo competition will be displayed at the J&T Connect Fest in the thousands of expreѕѕions exhibition section, to highlight various kinds of expreѕѕions that can be seen by all visitors along with a number of other community activities.

J&T Connect Fest will be enlivened with music concerts from LYODRA, RIZKY FEBIAN, MARION JOLA & GIGI as well as other special performances such as music playing sessions, community performances, karaoke sessions, mural installations, and many more. The J&T Connect Fest event is also supported by Tribunnews.com, Kompas.com, VIVA.co.id, Suara.com, Kompasiana, Gen FM, Prambors FM, Mustang FM, Makkanya Coffee, Leora Coffee, Temoei Kopi, and Oemago House as media partners in the success of the event.

To be able to enjoy the excitement of this festival, the public can buy tickets online at a price of Rp. 75,000. There is also a choice of Couple ticket packages for both Rp. 130,000, - and Bestie tickets for four Rp. 220.000,-. J&T Express customers can also get free tickets by exchanging 5 sheets of J&T Express delivery receipts with delivery dates for the period 20 July - 25 August 2023, then register and send them to J&T Express by following the steps on the link bit.ly/NONTON-JNTCONNECTFEST or J&T tickets Connect Fest can be accessed via the link goers.co/jntconnectfest.

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