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Supporting the Hard Work of the Medical Team, J&T Express Tangerang Distributes Protective Gears and Masks to Covid-19 Referral Hospitals

As the number Corona virus (Covid-19) cases continues to increase in Indonesia, various precautions are made to prevent the increasing spread and the medical team are going the extra mile to treat patients. Knowing this, J&T Express Tangerang supports the needs of the medical team by distributing aid in the form of 1,000 protective gears and 150 boxes of masks to the Covid referral hospitals in Tangerang.

J&T Express Tangerang provided assistance to the the medical team symbolically on 28-29th of April 2020 in J&T Express Tangerang - Banten, area where the hospital was designated by the local government as a COVID-19 handler hospital in the Tangerang Area, namely RSUD Kota Tangerang, Tangerang District Hospital and Serang District Hospital.

The assistance was sent directly by J&T Express operational car and the whole team did not forget to wear masks and kept a safe distance or physical distancing according to the health protocol, this was done for the convenience for everyone. The hospital welcomed the arrival of J&T Express Tangerang and helped unload the goods when they arrived at the location and with received the assistance provided with open arms, because it was needed for treating the number of patients which are still growing to this day.

"In the midst of a pandemic like this, we believe that the hospital really needs protective gears and masks for treating patients, for that we channel assistance to Covid-19 referral hospitals, especially in Tangerang. We hope that the equipments can be useful for medical team on duty as well as more patients who will recover, " concluded Tiyara, Manager of J&T Express Tangerang.

The provision of protective gears and masks as a referral hospital's logistical assistance is a form of concern for J&T Express Tangerang and support for medical personnel who are on duty especially in the midst of a pandemic like now. Protective gears and masks are the main and most needed equipments to prevent the spread of Covid-19, especially in the hospital area that has the highest chance of exposure to the virus.

Drg, Khoirul Anam. MHKES. SP, ORT, Public Relations of RSDP Serang, expressed their gratitude, "On this occasion, we would like to thank J&T Express Tangerang for supporting our needs as medical team in dealing with our community and treating patients against Covid-19. "

In addition to expressing gratitude, medical workers also appealed to the community to provide adequate support by staying at home and continue to maintain personal health to practice cleanliness, diligently washing hands and consuming nutritious food, so that medical workers especially the Tangerang area can concentrate on helping the community fight against Covid-19.


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