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Gathering With Media Partners, J&T Express Holds Iftar Together

Entering the period of Ramadan is certainly no stranger to a gathering of breaking fast together. Various parties certainly want to re-establish friendship with this momentum. Likewise with J&T Express, which invited several media partners to attend the Joint Iftar Event which was held on Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at Penang Bistro - Grand Indonesia.

The event was held with a more intimate and relaxed concept which lasted for 2 hours and was opened by sharing some information about J&T Express starting from the preparation of the Ramadan period to the progress of expansion into Southeast Asia namely Malaysia and Vietnam. Not only that, J&T Express Public Relations, Herline Septia also informed J&T Express gas station drop point innovations spread in the Jakarta Area.

After sharing the latest information about J&T Express, the program continued with a dinner of breaking the fast together, interspersed with small talk with the reporters present. Not only that, the event continued with a question and answer session followed by the enthusiasm of the media for the development of J&T Express and the distribution of lucky draws and Ramadan gifts to all media partners who had attended and contributed to the development of J&T Express to date.

"We are very pleased to hold this hospitality event, not only to strengthen our relations and familiarity with media friends but as our appreciation who also appreciate their hard work as one of the parties who have contributed to the development of J&T Express to date" Herline said. "Not only that, we also want to celebrate one of the momentum of this religious celebration together with media friends".

The breaking of the fast together was closed with photos with all the media partners present.

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