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NATIONAL CHILDREN'S DAY: Limitations Are Not So Hinderance for Learning

Jakarta, 23 July 2017 - In the framework of the 2017 National Children's Day, J&T Express visited the Street Children School & Friends Studio (SAJA) located under the Pluit Penjaringan bridge, North Jakarta. This visit is a form of support for Indonesian children, especially for children who have economic limitations to go to school.

Street Children School & Friends Studio (SAJA) is an individual organization that was founded by Mr. Randy since 2001, this school and studio is intended specifically for street children, marginal, and has a limited economy. In addition to learning, JUST also provides a number of skills training, to materials that support children's motor skills. The level of education handled by schools & studios in SAJA varies from kindergarten, elementary school to junior high school, in the 2017 school year alone there are already more than 100 children who are members of schools & studios SAJA.

Schools & Studio SAJA was pleased with the visit from J&T Express, "I am very happy for the help and visit from J&T Express for the first time, I salute". In the future Ka Randy also hopes to realize his dream that children can study and realize their ideals.

J&T Express provides support in the form of school equipment, stationery, and bathing equipment for younger siblings in schools & studios ONLY. "This support is given to support Indonesian children, especially children who have limited economic background to continue to enthusiasm for learning and achieving their goals," said Rachel Liu, Brand Manager of J&T Express. In addition we also give milk to be consumed together, why milk? Because J&T Express wants Indonesian children to be accustomed to consuming nutritious drinks for their growth, "he continued.

Closing the 2017 National Children's Day event, school children & studios wrote their ideals on the J&T Express banner. It is intended that children can realize the future they want to achieve in the future, not forgetting that J&T Express gives a message that to achieve these goals we must study diligently and not give up easily.

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