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J&T Express Holds Breaking the Fast with 100 Children Assisted by the Kumala Foundation and Education on Waste Sorting

Breaking the fast together is a constant momentum every year in the month of Ramadan. This annual moment allows anyone to get involved and meet face to face to strengthen relationships. On the same occasion, J&T Express as a global logistics company held an iftar with 100 children assisted by the Kumala Foundation located in Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta which was also filled with fun ngabuburit in the form of waste sorting education.

The Creative Business Mandiri Alami Foundation (Yayasan Kumala) is a non-governmental organization that focuses on empowering street children. Since its founding in 2008, the Kumala Foundation, founded by Dindin Komarudin, has fostered street children with the main activity of waste management. Every year, the Kumala Foundation regularly holds Ramadan events both internally and receives visits from other parties. To date, the Kumala Foundation has received various recognitions thanks to its services that help the community, protect the environment, provide education, and others.

"Every year, Ramadan is an opportunity for us to spread kindness to those in need. "We hope that this joint fast breaking activity will initiate other good things for the community," said Herline Septia as Brand Manager of J&T Express.

This joint fast breaking activity was attended by 100 children and friends of the Kumala Foundation. Before breaking the fast together, the children assisted by the Kumala Foundation took part in waste sorting socialization which was then contested in groups. Waste sorting is an important thing that must be used from an early age, in order to preserve the environment and encourage a circular economy by recycling waste that has high value. During socialization, all children are introduced to various types of waste including plastic, paper, metal and others. At the core of the event, all participants ate an iftar meal specially prepared by the Kumala Foundation team.

"We thank J&T Express for sharing its concern with our fostered children. "The Kumala Foundation will always be a place for learning and sharing for everyone," said Dindin Komarudin as General Chair of the Kumala Foundation.

Apart from breaking the fast together, J&T Express distributes imsakiyah schedules, distributes takjil and basic necessities during the month of Ramadan. This distribution is intended for all people in the Drop Point area, residential areas, operational areas, and also people in need who do not have a place to live.

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