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J&T Gapai Mimpimu 2 17 July – 27 August 2021 Tell Your Dream and Make It Come True, Total Prizes of BILLIONS OF RUPIAH!

Celebrate the celebration of the achievement of 100 Million Customers, J&T Express presents J&T Gapai Mimpimu 2! In this moment, J&T Express invites all Indonesian citizen to express their hopes for J&T Express and share their dreams and goods to make their dreams come true! A number of selected stories will be realized and the hope items will be delivered directly by J&T Express to your doorstep.

It's easy :

1.  Follow Instagram @jntexpressid

2.  Upload your photo (freestyle photo) on Instagram feeds, say your wish for J&T Express to celebrate 100 million customers, and tell us your dream. Mention the items you want to be able to realize your dream in the caption column, a maximum of 2 paragraphs.

3.  At the end of the caption, include the 2021 J&T Express receipt number on your behalf. The free category can be as a sender/receiver. [example : JP123123123 - Mimin Sender]

4.  Include the hashtags #JnTGapaiMimpimu2 and #100JutaPelangganJNT

5.  Make sure your Instagram account is set to public / not private

Terms and condition

1. J&T Gapai Mimpimu 2 program is organized by PT. Global Jet Express (J&T Express).

2. Every story shared must have product information that J&T Express wants to realize. Products that What can be realized are all categories of goods outside the category of dangerous goods (goods that cannot be sent by the J&T Express delivery service). The complete list of dangerous good can be accessed at the following link https://jet.co.id/information/packaging

3. Each participant is required to write down the type of item in detail and specifically.

4. If the item desired by the winner is empty or discontinued, then J&T Express has the right to spend on other types of goods that are more or less equivalent, according to the assessment of the J&T Express team.

5. Winners will be announced on the official Instagram @jntexpressid (blue tick/verified account)

6.This program does not charge any fees, all winning taxes and prize shipping costs in this program are covered

completely by J&T Express. Be careful of fraudulent modes on behalf of J&T Express.

7. All J&T Express employees are prohibited from participating in the J&T Gapai Dream program 2. If any J&T Express employee becomes a winning candidate, it will automatically be considered invalid and be aborted.

8. If the winning candidate does not send personal data no later than 14 days after being contacted by PT. Global Jet Express/organizer, PT. Global Jet Express/ the organizer has the right to replace with another winning candidate.

9. The prize delivery process is a maximum of 90 working days after the winning data is received by the J&T Express team. Prizes cannot be transferred, exchanged for other goods or cashed, unless the goods have been discontinued.

10. The organizer has the right to stop, revise or suspend this program in whole or in part, at any time with or without direct notification to the participants, for any reason without being held liable. All forms of adjustments to the J&T Gapai Mimpimu 2 program will be officially announced on the website www.jet.co.id

11. All regulations, winner selection mechanism and decisions made are absolute by PT Global Jet Express (J&T Express), and cannot be contested.

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