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Completing Roadshow Across Indonesia, J&T Express Toured Thousands of Millennials

J&T Express, a shipping service company that puts forward technology and focuses on ecommerce shipping, has just completed a series of 2019 roadshows to meet millennials in Indonesia. Continuing the success of the Young Brave Business roadshow in 2018, throughout 2019, J&T Express returned to Indonesia by holding a number of educational programs and talk shows in the field of online business and logistics.

In the 2019 roadshow titled J&T Youngpreneur, J&T Express visited 15 campuses in 5 major cities of Java, namely Semarang, Surabaya, Bandung, Jakarta and Yogyakarta by sharing their insights into entrepreneurs at a young age and building businesses from other perspectives. Not alone, the J&T Youngpreneur roadshow also presented two successful young local entrepreneurs at a young age. With the success stories and the initial journey of pursuing a career as an entrepreneur, which was spoken by each speaker in this talkshow is expected to provide an example and as an inspiration for the participants.

In addition to J&T Youngpreneur, J&T Express also visited other cities to the island of Sumatra by participating in a program called WHIM talk with the leading e-sports team at this time EVOS Esports. Visiting 6 cities in Indonesia including Jakarta, Bandung, Solo, Purwokerto, Malang, and Palembang, this program aims to educate the other side of the esports industry, namely career opportunities as professionals in businesses that are currently loved by millennials today.

"This educational roadshow for millennials is done to develop the potential of the creative industry in the digital era today, both in terms of technology such as gaming, which starts from a hobby and also the MSME industry which can be started early, especially in college. We invite them to look at business and professional opportunities from a different side, "said Rachel as the Brand Manager of J&T Express.

In line with J&T Young Preneur's educational roadshow in raising his perspective to take advantage of business opportunities at a young age, J&T Express also supports the creativity of millennials who have a hobby in the game, through the Whim Talk program in an educational roadshow with Evos e-sports, where the hobby can be developed into a hobby a positive business career.

In the digital age now and the trend that continues to change "born" many alternatives and repositioning in business to profession. This made J&T Express hold a roadshow around Indonesia aimed at thousands of young people throughout 2019 and ending in November 2019.

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