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President University Students Visit J&T Express Headquarters

J&T Express received a visit from students from President University. The visit which was attended by 30 students of the University of International Business majors was warmly welcomed by the J&T Express. The 2-hour event was held in the auditorium - PT. Global Jet Express.

This visit was not only a company visit but students were also given some useful information. In the opening session, the students were given information about J&T Express, delivered by Rachel Liu as the Brand Manager of PT. Global Jet Express, and continued with the Cargo and Airfreight Procedure session hosted by Yohanes Lim as Cargo Operation Manager.

The students were quite enthusiastic about the session given by J&T Express and this can be seen by the number of questions in the session regarding cargo and airfreight procedures. Not only that, towards the end of the program Ms. Genoveva as President University's supervisor and lecturer gave an award in the form of a plaque to J&T Express as a sign of gratitude.

The whole series of activities, closed with a group photo session and interview session about the impressions and messages given by some students related to this event.

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