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E-commerce Gathering

As a form of introduction with customers who are mostly online shop sellers, J&T Express Jakarta area holds an E-commerce Customer Gathering. This event aims to introduce J&T Express as an express company that is ready to embrace small or personal e-commerce players or large or commercial e-commerce entities.

E-commerce gatherings were held in four places, namely Red Crystal Sunter, Telaga Sampireun, Ibis Cawang Hotel, and Nan Xiang restaurant. The gathering, held in October, was attended by online shop sellers and professional e-commerce players. On that occasion J&T Express also distributed goodie bags, free delivery vouchers and door prizes as entertainment prizes.

This activity is expected to increase the closeness of J&T Express with customers, as well as a means of education regarding the ease of online transactions supported by the existence of fast, safe and convenient shipping services.

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