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3 Years Established, J&T Express Strengthens Synergy with E-commerce Industry Partners

Entering its third age, J&T Express as a technology-based shipping service has successfully established its brand as the preferred shipping service for e-commerce customers. This is reflected in a number of awards and achievements achieved at this special moment, including the 2018 Top Brand Award, the 2018 Top Business Opportunity Award, to the 2018 Service Quality Award. In addition, J&T Express is also preparing its expansion to the Philippines and Thailand after previously successfully realize it in Malaysia and Vietnam in July 2018.

Since its establishment in 2015, J&T Express has emerged as a modern shipping service that relies on technology systems as a base in each of its operational sectors. This is in line with the e-commerce needs that are dynamic and require high efficiency. Carrying the theme of Growing for Indonesia, J&T Express is committed to continuing to support the growth of e-commerce in Indonesia through a number of programs with its two main partners namely online merchants and e-commerce platforms.

Robin Lo, CEO of J&T Express said "Third age is a special moment for J&T Express, growing as a shipping service that is well received by customers and can make a positive contribution to the e-commerce industry is a pride for us, so with the growth of J&T Express we want partners also grow forward. The form of support for online sellers is to carry out a number of online business education programs, and to collaborate with e-commerce platforms to provide promotions. We hope that the presence of J&T Express can make a positive contribution to the business of online and SME traders, as well as increase business in the e-commerce platform industry by providing the best logistics services.

J&T Express's support to educate online sellers and SMEs is inseparable from the collaboration that J&T Express has with e-commerce partners, one of whom is Shopee and a number of related organizations including, the ongoing program of the Shopee Campus Roadshow and Ngupee (Shopee Seller Gathering) held from the beginning of 2018 in more than 30 cities, Roadshow Dropship Mastery with the Youth Business Community throughout 2018 held in 24 cities, and Kenduri UKM with the Indonesian Ecommerce Association (idEA) held in 9 cities in Indonesia. Not only that, J&T Express itself has held a talkshow that is intended for Jakarta online seller area in February 2018 and May 2018 last.

This event was also attended by representatives from Shopee Indonesia, which is an e-commerce platform partner of J&T Express "As a leading e-commerce company in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, Shopee views logistics as an important part of our operations. To meet the high operational needs of e-commerce, logistics services are required to provide IT systems that are not only sophisticated but can also be well integrated with Shopee systems. J&T Express as one of the logistics partners in Shopee comes with a number of excellent services and new innovations that help provide a smooth and satisfying shopping experience at Shopee, "said Jeannifer Suryajaya as Head of Shopee Partnership Indonesia.

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