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Family Gathering Title; J&T Express East Java appreciates the employees

Opening the journey in 2018, J&T Express East Java held a back office employee gathering attended by at least 250 participants and 30 invitations. The purpose of this event is to appreciate the performance of employees who have joined, worked hard, and faithfully built together an expedition company that has now become one of the largest shipping services in Indonesia in a relatively short period of time. Do not stop there, this event was held in order to motivate other employees to continue working and provide the best for the company.

The event opened very grandly with two lion dance accompanying the ranks of the board of directors entering the event hall. Joy and joy emanated from the faces of invited guests in a series of events arranged by the committee. Some important points in the series of events aside from the various kinds of entertainment that were presented were video impressions of Regional Manager messages, slides and certificates for outstanding employees, and appreciation for the hard work of all invited guests so far in the form of cash distribution.

One of the Best Employee award recipients in the Best Marketing Manager category, Fransisca Xaveria said that this event was the best gathering event ever held throughout the company (red: J&T Express East Java). Denny Lim - General Manager of J&T Express East Java also said, "This event is a form of our appreciation for the 2015-2016 employees where those who struggled from the beginning to J&T can be as big as now. In the future, this event will be held regularly every year. "

By holding this event, it is hoped that employees will be more enthusiastic and productive in their work, so that they can provide the best for the company so that they can become 'Number 1.'

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