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Mascot Design Competition

Regarding the Program

  1. J&T Express Mascot Competition is a design competition aimed at students and the general public (men and women aged over 17 years and already have an ID card)

  2. The design created is the mascot design for J&T Express

  3. Each participant is allowed to send more than 1 (one) work as long as the design is different.

  4. After the program period ends, J&T Express will publish the 10 best designs for voting. The nominees with the most likes will be the favorite winners, and the best design chosen by J&T Express management will be considered a J&T Express mascot.

  5. The selected works will become the property of J&T Express and will be considered for use by J&T Express for any purpose, including commercial purposes.

  6. Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time with and / or without prior notice.

  7. The J&T Express Mascot Design Competition program is free of charge.

  8. The deadline for collecting mascots will be announced 2 weeks before the competition closes

Obligations of Participants

  1. Participants must like and follow J&T Express social media accounts

  2. The design work is an original work and has never been included in a similar competition.

  3. Design works do not contain SARA, pornography and politics.

  4. Participants must submit their design work in JPG / JPEG format (max. 2MB) via [email protected] email with the subject "Mascot Competition"

  5. Use the format below into the email body:

Participant's name:




Tel / Cell phone number:

Social media accounts owned: (list each account name owned)

Design philosophy:

Mascot Name:

  1. Design works sent other than by e-mail and not following the specified format will not be included in the judging process.

  2. Participants who are selected as winners must submit their complete data as validation to process the prize.

  3. Participants chosen as winners are willing to send the master file to J&T Express in Ai / Psd format.

  4. Participants release J&T Express from all forms of lawsuits for copyright infringement or negligence caused by the participant.

Main Winner Rating Criteria:

  1. The Mascot concept must be in accordance with the philosophy of J&T Express and be able to describe the brand attributes and values of J&T Express. And shows that J&T Express is a shipping service that focuses on online businesses in Indonesia.

  2. Use of the Mascot can be used and applied to all J&T Express platforms such as websites, online advertising, or offline events.

  3. The design work represents the mascot visually.

Winners and prizes

  1. Winners will be announced on the J&T Express social media account

  2. Prizes in the form of: The winner of the chosen design will get Rp. 20,000,000 in cash. 2 Favorite winners with the most likes on social media will get OPPO F5 products. 7 people from 10 selected candidates will get cash Rp.1000,000

  3. The process of giving / taking prizes will be informed later.

  4. The jury's decision is final and cannot be contested.

J&T Express logo

Company Slogan

Express Your Online Business

J&T Express Brand Philosophy

The J&T Express logo has the meaning of the letter J which means Jet (Fast) and the letter T which means Technology, it symbolizes the speed supported by technology as a basic system. The need for speed and convenience in the e commerce business makes J&T Express a proper and reliable shipping service for customers, namely online businesses (online sellers, online buyers, e commerce platforms).

The red and white colors symbolize the colors of the Indonesian flag, J&T Express is here and is committed to serving Indonesia wholeheartedly.


  1. Building an express company based on the development of internet technology with a reach to Southeast Asia.


  1. Making a customer's online business more practical and efficient

  2. Encourage customers to do big business on e-commerce platforms

J&T Express Core Values:

  1. Service

  2. Integrity

  3. Responsible

  4. Share

  5. The obligation


If you have questions or further information about this competition, you can send it to [email protected] email

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