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Walk All Over Indonesia - 1000 Drop Point Simultaneous Movements

Indonesia, 29 & 30 April - J&T Express once again held offline events held simultaneously throughout Indonesia. This event is not an ordinary event, where in 48 hours J&T Express colors Indonesia through the red troops that surround the archipelago. Each drop point embraces and interacts with the surrounding community, customers, employees and others. Through this activity, the relationship between J&T Express and the community has become more intimate than before.

The main objective of this activity is to promote the healthy lifestyle of employees and the community and introduce J&T Express more closely. Each participating employee represents the company's image, as well as a connecting window between the company and the customer. In addition to inviting the surrounding community to wear uniforms together, through this activity J&T Express invites the community to exercise together, gymnastics, games with prizes and others to increase the effect of the drop point on the surrounding area.

With this event, it gives a positive impression to the community around the drop point, because this free health walk program encourages people to live healthier and more productive. "I am very happy to have this event, because it is good for our health to take a walk this Sunday morning. Especially for me who is elderly like this, then many prizes also become more and more excited ". Said Mrs. Nuryanah, one of the participants of the healthy walk at the Daan Mogot Baru drop point, Kalideres.

Held simultaneously with more than 1000 drop points in Indonesia, Walk All Over Indonesia created a lively atmosphere, enthusiasm did not only come from participants but from surrounding communities who crossed the healthy walking area. Some drop points bring dance instructors, fitness instructors, professional MCs, etc., to escorts by police cars to maintain orderliness of the event.

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