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J&T Express Distributes Donations to Victims of the Cianjur Earthquake Disaster

J&T Express, as a global scale shipping service company, also moves quickly to distribute caring assistance to people affected by natural disasters. In particular, the magnitude 5.6 earthquake that hit the Cianjur region, West Java. Seeing this disaster, J&T Express provided donations of 500 million rupiah to earthquake victims through the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB). Submission of donations was carried out at the Cianjur Regent's Office and was received directly by Mr. Dedi - Assistant 3 Kab. Cianjur, and Mr. Ir. Ibnu Asur, MM as Director of Logistics and Equipment Network for BNPB Kab. Cianjur on November 23, 2022.

CEO of J&T Express, Robin Lo expressed his concern for the disaster that occurred "Condolences to the brothers and communities affected by the earthquake in the Cianjur area and its surroundings. To support logistics for affected victims, J&T Express handed over emergency response care and other emergency needs "Through this assistance, we hope to ease the burden on the affected earthquake victims."

Attended by the Regional Secretary of Cianjur Regency, Mr. H. Cecep S. Alamsyah, M, Kes., M.Sc. as well as staying in touch at the time of handing over the aid at the Regent's office pavilion, on this occasion the District Secretary of Kab. Cianjur expressed his gratitude for J&T Express' concern through the assistance provided to the people affected by the Cianjur earthquake and its surroundings. Aftershocks occurred for a while, but did not cause any damage to the building.

In connection with the Earthquake disaster, previously J&T Express also supported communities in the North Tapanuli region which were similarly affected, this is a form of concern implemented by shipping services that are actively exploring opportunities in developing country markets by expanding their network to 13 countries in Southeast Asia, China, Middle East and Latin America. As part of a global market strategy that is connected internationally with greater efficiency and brings logistical benefits to all.

J&T Express' commitment to always support positive things, this assistance is a form of J&T Express' concern for the people of Indonesia, the contributions made are not only natural disasters, but include public facilities such as connecting bridges between villages, houses of worship, and other social assistance. Through this caring movement it is hoped that it will be able to support positive changes for Indonesia.

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