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#100MillionCustomersJNT TikTok Challenge Total Prize 250 Million

Let's enliven the celebration of 100 million J&T Express customers by joining the #100JutaPelangganJNT TikTok Challenge competition period 31 July - 3 September 2021. Win an Nmax Motorcycle for 1 winner, iPhone 12 for 4 winners, Smartphone Realme 8 for 10 winners, Cash @ 1 Million for 50 Winners, and Cash @500K for 100 Winners.

It's easy:

1. Follow TikTok and Instagram @jntexpressid

2. Upload a pose video for receiving your most unique J&T Express package, using the song and effect #100JutaPelangganJNT

3. Use #100JutaPelangganJNT and mention @jntexpressid

Winners will be announced once a week on Instagram and TikTok accounts @jntexpressid. The number of participants will be accumulated every week.


1. Participants must follow TikTok and J&T Express Instagram at @jntexpressid.

2. Participants must ensure that their TikTok account is not locked.

3. Participants must use the filter effect #100JutaPelangganJNT

4. Participants must use the song #100JutaPelangganJNT

5. Participants must post the #100JutaPelangganJNT TikTok Challenge video on their personal TikTok account.

6. Participants must use the hashtag #100JutaPelangganJNT

7. Participants must mention/tag J&T Express account at @jntexpressid

8. Prizes for this activity are:

a. @500K Cash Rupiah for 100 Winners,

b. Cash @1 Million Rupiah  for 50 Winners,

c. Realme 8 smartphone for 10 winners,

d. iPhone 12 for 4 winners,

e. Yamaha Nmax for 1 winner.

9. Winners will be selected through a selection conducted by the organizers and/or PT. Global Jet Express with the following criteria:

a. Creativity and unique content #100JutaPelangganJNT TikTok Challenge

b. Completeness of the requirements that have been mentioned

10. The #100MillionJNT period starts on July 31 to September 3, 2021. PT. Global Jet Express / organizers can add time to # 100 Million JNT TikTok Challenge Customers at any time with notification via TikTok and / or J&T Express official Instagram.

11. If requested by the organizer, the winner is obliged to participate free of charge in publication activities related to this activity, including recording or reporting in the form of films and photos. This engagement includes permitting publication, dissemination, and/or viewing across media in unlimited forms and quantities.

12. The prize delivery process is a maximum of 90 working days after the winning data is received by the J&T Express team. Prizes cannot be transferred, exchanged for other goods or cashed, unless the goods have been discontinued. Due to the current PPKM conditions, gift delivery can potentially be adjusted or more than 90 days.


1. #100 MillionCustomersJNT TikTok Challenge organized by PT. Global Jet Express as the holder of the J&T Express brand.

2. #100JutaPelangganJNT TikTok Challenge is open to the public, except for J&T Express employees throughout Indonesia.

3. The Participant agrees that the content submitted or uploaded by the Participant will become the property of PT. Global Jet Express fully and PT. Global Jet Express has the right to use it for any purpose, including for promotional activities, without any obligation from PT. Global Jet Express to provide compensation in any form. By participating in this activity, participants are deemed to have given all the necessary approvals regarding this provision.

4. In the submitted or uploaded content, participants may not mention or highlight other brands/brands and/or parties other than PT. Global Jet Express and must not contain elements of violence, harassment, pornography, offensive to SARA, plagiarism or violating Intellectual Property Rights, political messages and/or contrary to the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations. Operator and/or PT. Global Jet Express reserves the right to remove participant-submitted content if it is deemed to violate the provisions of this point.

5. Participants are fully responsible for the content submitted or uploaded. Operator and/or PT. Global Jet Express is not responsible and released from any claims/claims and/or claims from any third party caused by content submitted or uploaded by participants and/or other actions that violate the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations and/or or violate any of the provisions of the terms & conditions of this activity.

6. The organizer is not responsible for errors/omissions that are beyond the control of the organizers, but not limited to deliveries made using third party services, participant errors in providing information, and errors/omissions of other parties.

7. By participating in this activity, participants are deemed to have known, agreed, and must comply with and be subject to the terms, conditions, and rules that apply and are issued by the organizing committee of the #100JutaPelangganJNT TikTok Challenge and/or PT. Global Jet Express.

8. The terms and conditions of this activity may change at any time without direct notification to participants. All changes will be informed through the official J&T Express Instagram account at @jntexpressid and on the official J&T Express website www.jet.co.id.

9. In connection with the prize claim process, J&T Express has the right to ask the winners for complete information on personal data.

10. Winners are free of charge. Gift tax and shipping costs will be borne by J&T Express.


The winners will be contacted by PT. Global Jet Express/organizer through the TikTok account @jntexpressid or Instagram account @jntexpressid to verify the data by completing the winner's identity data according to the Identity Card or other valid identification documents.

If the winning candidate does not send personal data more than 14 days after being contacted by PT. Global Jet Express/organizer, PT. Global Jet Express/ the organizer has the right to replace with another winning candidate.

Winners will be announced once a week on @jntexpressid Tiktok and Instagram accounts until the #100JutaPelangganJNT TikTok Challenge period is over.

Operator and/or PT. Global Jet Express reserves the right to disqualify participants and winners who do not follow the conditions specified in the terms and conditions of this activity. In this case, the organizer and/or PT. Global Jet Express will be acquitted of any claims and/or claims of any kind regarding the disqualification under this point.

The decision of the organizer and/or PT. Global Jet Express is inviolable.


Be careful of fraud on behalf of the organizers and/or products belonging to PT. Global Jet Express and/or PT. Global Jet Express. This activity is free of charge.

This promotion is under and following the laws in force in the Republic of Indonesia.

All disputes related to promotions will be resolved amicably.

By including data and being registered in this activity, participants agree to provide their personal data to PT. Global Jet Express and stated that they are willing to receive various interesting information from PT. Global Jet Express.

For questions regarding terms and conditions, please submit via:

J&T Express Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/jntexpressindonesia/)

Instagram @jntexpressid (https://www.instagram.com/jntexpressid/)

Twitter @jntexpressid (https://twitter.com/jntexpressid)

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