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Be Together Better Future

(14/7) Located at Ancol Beach City Mall, J&T Express and OPPO held a gathering called Be Together Better Future. This annual event is a more interesting moment because for the first time the OPPO family celebrated this activity with the J&T Express family. It was attended by representatives from OPPO Singapore, OPPO Malaysia and OPPO China.

This event aims to strengthen the togetherness and sense of kinship between OPPO and J&T Express. Opened by remarks from the CEO of J&T Express, he emphasized that all OPPO and J&T Express employees are families without differences and will continue to work together to achieve success in the future. "By working hard together we will achieve a better future, because we are all one of the OPPO and J&T Express families," he said at the end of his speech. Closing with a series of door prizes and fireworks at Ancol beach really amazed more than 1000 employees and invited guests present.

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