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J&T Express Holds Express Your Online Business Press Conference

Jakarta, October 2017, PT. Global Jet Express held a press conference themed Express Your Online Business as a new slogan from J&T Express on October 23, 2017 at the Ritz Carlton Ballroom Pacific Place Jakarta. The slogan was created to encourage customers, online business people, to express their business using a fast, reliable and worry-free shipping service due to 365 days of service and a 3-day claim process if goods are damaged or lost at the time of delivery.

The event was attended by various television, print, online media and several influencers in Indonesia. Besides holding a press conference, J&T Express also holds business meetings and customer gatherings by inviting representatives from J&T Express employees throughout Indonesia as well as more than 1,200 customers and prospective customers from J&T Express to be friendly and establish family ties. The entire series of events lasted for 7 hours.

In this event, the media and invited guests were given more complete information about J&T Express as well as new J&T Express programs for customers and prospective customers who can support the growth of online business businesses while improving the economy in Indonesia and facilitating delivery services in online transactions .

Robin Lo, CEO of J&T Express, said, "J&T Express does not only have a sophisticated IT system that distinguishes it from other companies. J&T Express also has 2,000 drop points and nearly 2,000 collection points, and a service that connects 17,508 islands in Indonesia. We are also the only express shipping company that offers goods pick-up service to customers without minimum distance and weight. Our service offers convenience to provide a more pleasant e-commerce experience, both for buyers and sellers. ”

J&T Express has grown impressively within 2 (two) years and in the near future, J&T Express plans to expand its services to several countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Vietnam.

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