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Supporting Corona Virus Prevention, J&T Express together with Oppo Once Again Provide Self-Protection Assistance Tools to RSPAD

Facing the Corona virus epidemic that is increasingly spreading in Indonesia, as well as the increasing number of patients who need medical care, especially in all Covid-19 referral hospitals, moving from that situation J&T Express and Oppo again channeled more donation assistance, which is 1,500 units of protective clothing which is one of the basic medical needs in fighting the Corona virus that is endemic at the Central Army Hospital (RSPAD) Gatot Subroto.

Distributed by using the J&T Express operational car, this protective clothing assistance was received directly by the Gatot Subroto Army Pharmacy staff officer. This donation is expected to be able to meet the needs of the medical equipments used.

"Seeing the increasing need for medical equipment, we are back to channeling assistance that is expected to help increase the availability of personal protective equipment needed as a form of our support to the medical team that is the vanguard of fighting this pandemic virus," said Robin Lo as CEO of J&T Express.

RSPAD representative, Ms. Vinsensia said, "The assistance distributed from J&T Express and Oppo is very useful for us, especially at this time where it is needed since our supplies are also very limited".

In addition to medical protective clothing, J&T Express and Oppo Indonesia also distributed aid in the form of more than 25,000 units of personal protective health equipment including medical gloves in the previous week. In an effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19, in addition to implementing prevention of internal distribution, J&T Express and Oppo also felt the need to participate in helping the government with various assistance provided.

Prevention efforts are carried out with the aim of supporting a healthy Indonesian community from the current widespread spread of the Corona virus and is a form of J&T Express and Oppo’s concern for the nation and state.


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