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Celebrate Mother's Day J&T Express Distributing Donations to Several Orphanages

East Java, December 22 2016 - To celebrate Mother's Day which is celebrated every December 22, J&T Express East Java celebrates by holding a donation event to 4 orphanages in the East Java region. Among them, the Rising Sun Safety Army in Surabaya, Bhakti Luhur Kediri Orphanage, Al Qarni Orphanage Malang, and Putri Aisyah Jember Orphanage. According to Mr. Denny Lim, General Manager of J&T Express East Java this event aims to share happiness on Mother's Day with those who do not have the opportunity to celebrate it with their loved ones. "To celebrate Mother's Day 2016, J&T Express East Java wants to come down and share it directly with the orphans. Because a little concern from us can mean a great deal to them and it is also evident from their enthusiasm and togetherness with our arrival ".

Donations collected came from all walks of life in the form of funds that can be directly transferred to a donation account, and also groceries that can be distributed through all J&T Express branches in East Java from 5 to 18 December 2016. The total funds collected are approximately around Rp 60,000 .000, - and these funds were distributed in the form of basic food and cash to 4 orphanages in the East Java region.

There, all the teams played and ate with the orphans, there were many lessons to be learned from this activity. "This activity also at the same time provides lessons for the J&T Express team to always share what we have achieved and get, so that we can also be grateful for all that we have now and continue to advance for better things going forward", said Mr. Denny Lim.

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