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J&T Express Campaigns #JADIBISA and Introduces J&T Connect Preneur for Indonesian MSMEs

Jakarta, 15 May 2024 – J&T Express introduces the #JADIBISA campaign, a spirit that will be carried throughout 2024. Through #JADIBISA, J&T Express is committed to giving birth to various initiatives that focus on empowerment, commitment and contribution to society to emphasize its role as more than just a logistics company. On the same occasion, J&T Express also launched J&T Connect Preneur as one of the leading MSME empowerment programs this year.

"#JADIBISA is a movement that inspires people to maximize their potential and quality beyond their limits with J&T. We encourage everyone to pursue and achieve their dreams through this invitation that we voice. "We hope that the public can feel the benefits of our initiative under the spirit of #JADIBISA," said Herline Septia as Brand Manager of J&T Express.

Still rooted in the characteristics of being young, active and warm, J&T Express specifically collaborates with Arief Muhammad, a young content creator and creativepreneur as Brand Representative #JADIBISA. The presence of Arief, who is already popular among young people and business people, is expected to bring encouragement to the public to become more familiar with #BEBISA.

"I appreciate the initiation of J&T Express, especially the MSME programs which are carried out continuously. J&T Express is always consistent in communicating its commitment to MSMEs in various ways. "Personally, I am very happy to be able to synergize again and be part of advancing Indonesian MSMEs," said Arief Muhammad, as Brand Representative of #JADIBISA.

Quoting a report released by DSInnovate regarding the "MSME Empowerment Report 2022" which was conducted on 1,500 MSMEs, the obstacles experienced by business people in developing MSMEs include product marketing, access to capital, meeting the need for raw materials, digital and technology adoption, processes transactions, to cash flow management. Through J&T Connect Preneur, J&T Express will focus on developing incubation in the context of these constraints.

J&T Connect Preneur will be a series consisting of several programs including the J&T Connect Preneur Tour in 5 big cities in Indonesia such as Bali, Surabaya, Semarang, Bandung and Jakarta, then the J&T Connect Run, the second public running event from J&T with a portion of the profits will be dedicated to the progress of local MSMEs, and closed with the J&T Connect Preneur Summit as the highlight of the event. In the entire series, J&T Connect Preneur will involve more than 4,000 participants.

In implementing the entire J&T Connect Preneur series, Rumah BUMN received support as the best partner from the government side. Rumah BUMN considers that alignment of vision and mission is the main point of this collaboration, "Rumah BUMN is here to respond to the active growth of existing MSMEs and at the same time be a forum for MSME players to learn, share and grow together. We also found this in J&T Connect Preneur which was initiated by J&T Express. "We hope that the results of our collaboration will produce maximum results and reach many parties," said Tri Adhi Tanuwidjaya as CEO of Rumah BUMN Jakarta.

For information, J&T Express invites MSME players to take part in the J&T Connect Preneur Tour which will present business incubation and competition with a total prize of 300 million rupiah. Further information can be accessed via https://jntjadibisa.com/

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