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J&T Express Distribute Prizes to Shopee Users

Commemorating Shopee's birthday and national shopping day, J&T Express contributed by giving 5 Oppo F3 Mobile prizes to shopee users who shop using J&T Express services.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Prizes are given to 5 Shopee users who transact with the highest number of orders (accumulated) using J&T Express in the period 27 November - 14 December 2017

  2. Shopee will calculate the order amount, not the nominal transaction amount.

  3. 5 Buyers with the highest number of order transactions are entitled to win 1 Oppo F3 handphone each.

  4. Winners will be announced no later than 14 working days after the promo period ends through the official Shopee @shopee_id Instagram and notifications to your Shopee account.

  5. Check the notification of your Shopee account because we will send the announcement of the winner & you must fill in the data for the purpose of sending prizes

  6. Shopee and J&T Express do not charge fees for gift giving

  7. Beware of fraud in the name of Shopee or J&T Express

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