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J&T Gapai Mimpimu 2 17 July – 27 August 2021 Tell Your Dream and Make It Come True, Total Prizes of BILLIONS OF RUPIAH!

Celebrate the celebration of the achievement of 100 Million Customers, J&T Express presents J&T Gapai Mimpimu 2! In this moment, J&T Express invites all Indonesian citizen to express their hopes for J&T Express and share their dreams and goods to make their dreams come true! A number of selected stories will be realized and the hope items will be delivered directly by J&T Express to your doorstep.

It's easy :

1.  Follow Instagram @jntexpressid

2.  Upload your photo (freestyle photo) on Instagram feeds, say your wish for J&T Express to celebrate 100 million customers, and tell us your dream. Mention the items you want to be able to realize your dream in the caption column, a maximum of 2 paragraphs.

3.  At the end of the caption, include the 2021 J&T Express receipt number on your behalf. The free category can be as a sender/receiver. [example : JP123123123 - Mimin Sender]

4.  Include the hashtags #JnTGapaiMimpimu2 and #100JutaPelangganJNT

5.  Make sure your Instagram account is set to public / not private

Terms and condition

1. J&T Gapai Mimpimu 2 program is organized by PT. Global Jet Express (J&T Express).

2. Every story shared must have product information that J&T Express wants to realize. Products that What can be realized are all categories of goods outside the category of dangerous goods (goods that cannot be sent by the J&T Express delivery service). The complete list of dangerous good can be accessed at the following link https://jet.co.id/information/packaging

3. Each participant is required to write down the type of item in detail and specifically.

4. If the item desired by the winner is empty or discontinued, then J&T Express has the right to spend on other types of goods that are more or less equivalent, according to the assessment of the J&T Express team.

5. Winners will be announced on the official Instagram @jntexpressid (blue tick/verified account)

6.This program does not charge any fees, all winning taxes and prize shipping costs in this program are covered

completely by J&T Express. Be careful of fraudulent modes on behalf of J&T Express.

7. All J&T Express employees are prohibited from participating in the J&T Gapai Dream program 2. If any J&T Express employee becomes a winning candidate, it will automatically be considered invalid and be aborted.

8. If the winning candidate does not send personal data no later than 14 days after being contacted by PT. Global Jet Express/organizer, PT. Global Jet Express/ the organizer has the right to replace with another winning candidate.

9. The prize delivery process is a maximum of 90 working days after the winning data is received by the J&T Express team. Prizes cannot be transferred, exchanged for other goods or cashed, unless the goods have been discontinued.

10. The organizer has the right to stop, revise or suspend this program in whole or in part, at any time with or without direct notification to the participants, for any reason without being held liable. All forms of adjustments to the J&T Gapai Mimpimu 2 program will be officially announced on the website www.jet.co.id

11. All regulations, winner selection mechanism and decisions made are absolute by PT Global Jet Express (J&T Express), and cannot be contested.

Successfully Holding J&T Fashion Week, J&T Express Attracts Public Interest in Transactions with the Concept of a Fashion Show

Jakarta, 3 May 2021 - As the first delivery service in Indonesia to hold a fashion show, J&T Express successfully held a virtual fashion show titled J&T Fashion Week which was broadcast live on social media accounts Instagram @jntexpressid, Youtube J&T Express Indonesia and the Shopee Live feature on Shopee application. Presenting an interesting and unique transaction method, this show succeeded in attracting the audience to make transactions that started from the event taking place until 11:59 p.m. on the same day.

“J&T Express's first fashion show program was successfully held and received a good reception from brands and sellers. We hope that this program can help increase awareness, engagement and increase sales transactions for brands and sellers in the midst of a pandemic and build a positive brand image from a different perspective by demonstrating these products on a runway. " said Herline Septia as Brand Manager of J&T Express Indonesia.

All products presented at J&T Fashion Week include 50 micro and popular brands with a total of 150 products that offer special offers of up to 50% discount for the audience and can be transacted on the Shopee application. In this program, J&T Express spoils the audience by partnering with 6 celebrity models who also enliven the runway including Aurelie Moeremans, Samuel Rizal, Jeffry Reksa, Ariel Tatum, Nina Zatulini and Denny Sumargo along with dozens of other professional models. Not only that, RAN was also present which provided entertainment at this event.

This show not only displays products intended for women but also products intended for various ages and genders including children, women and men. J&T Express also distributed IPhone 12 prizes and shopee pay balances of up to a total of 100 million rupiah for viewers who watched this program without the need to make transactions and only shared screenshots of this event on social media.

50 brands that will participate in J&T Fashion Week include Wellborn, Rabbani, Consina, Urbain Inc, Homyped, IMOO, MacBear, Merche, Levaya.id, OPPO, REALME, YOU, Scarlett Whitening, Emikoawa, ZM Zaskia Mecca, O Like, Starcross , Visval, Aerostreet, Rubylicious, Monomolly, This Is April, Melstore, Madam Gie, Jiniso, Guten Inc, Sch, Noore Sport, Thermos, Senka, Barbie, Shisedo, Reclays, Isabel Adelia, Blow, Halei, My Bamus, Kickchickcloth, P&G, Wulfi, Logojeans, Zoya, Mooi Official, Alowalo, Mory_mony, Unilever, Tiento, M231 Official, 910Sportwear, Luxcrime.

Watch J&T Virtual Fashion Show Fashion Week, and Win a Total Giveaway of 100 Million Rupiah

J&T Express is the first delivery service that will present a virtual fashion show as well as an online transaction platform that presents 50 popular brands with discounts of up to 50%, exclusively at Shopee. J&T Fashion Week can be watched live on Saturday, 1 May 2021 at 15.00 WIB.

This fashion show can be watched virtually through the social media channel Instagram @jntexpressid, Youtube J&T Express Indonesia and the Shopee Live feature on the Shopee application. Viewers can check out / transact products with special offers that are exhibited in this fashion show until 23.59 WIB on the same day.

The J&T Fashion Week event was enlivened by RAN and a number of celebrity models including Ariel Tatum, Samuel Rizal, Aurelie Moeremans, Denny Sumargo, Jeffry Reksa, Nina Zatulini who will demonstrate directly brand and seller products on the runway. In this event, J&T Express will also distribute giveaway with a total prize of 100 million Rupiah.

Don't miss to join LIVE and make transactions with special deals only at J&T Fashion Week.

                     Terms & Conditions for J&T Fashion Week 100 Million Giveaway

1. J&T Express held a “Giveaway Program” for 44 who participating J&T Fashion Week spectators in accordance with the terms and conditions.

2. By joining this Giveaway Program, you are deemed to have agreed with the applicable Terms and Conditions.

3. The Giveaway Program will be held on May 1, 2021, at 15:00 - 23:59 WIB.

4. How to participate in the Giveaway Program is as follows:

       -Follow @jntexpressid on Instagram or Twitter

       -Screenshot of J&T Fashion Week moments during the event

       -Upload on Instagram story or twitter and tag @jntexpressid, include the hashtag #JNTFashionWeek

5. One winner cannot win more than 1 (one) prize from all Giveaway Programs.

6. Winners of this Giveaway will be announced on Instagram and twitter @jntexpressid on May 4, 2021.

7. All participants are expected to be careful with fraud on behalf of J&T Express Indonesia

8. If fraud is found in the checking process, J&T Express has the right to cancel or cancel the prize.

9. The limit for sending winner data is 7 days after the winner is contacted by the J&T Express team. If it has passed the specified time limit, the winner is deemed not to have made a claim for the prize or disqualification from the J&T Fashion Week 100 Million Giveaway program.

10. J&T Express reserves the right to change, add, or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notification to the user.

Attracting Local Entrepreneurs, J&T Express Invites Students to Experience Business in J&T Youngpreneur Hybrid Roadshows in 10 Cities

Jakarta, April 6, 2021 - J&T Express, an express delivery service company that prioritizes system and technology in its delivery operation, is continuing the J&T Youngpreneur roadshow as a series of J&T Super Seller programs to re-invite students from all over Indonesia to develop and motivate the online business they build through educational seminars, and conducted in hybrid (online and offline) at 10 big cities in Indonesia.

The program, which runs from March 8th - April 8th, 2021, carries the theme "Start Your Experience, Be A Great Entrepreneur" by presenting young entrepreneurs who are successful in their fields as speakers in each city, aimed at increasing the enthusiasm of students as prospective young entrepreneurs and using creativity in developing local business. This year’s J&T Youngpreneur roadshow was held in several cities including Medan, Palembang, Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Depok, Bali, Banjarmasin, Makassar and Samarinda.

In collaboration with the Young On Top millennial community, J&T Youngpreneur offline activity is held with standard health protocol, all participants including the executive committee and speakers are required to take saliva antigen test, and wear masks during the event and only a maximum of 50 offline participants can attend. The activity is broadcast live through a Zoom webinar so that participating students either from within the city or outside the city can join online.

Not just a presentation from local entrepreneurs, participants of J&T Youngpreneur had the opportunity to ask questions in a question and answer session in terms of how to start a business to achieve success at a young age, business management and interesting tips and tricks to be able to survive so that the business grows, where the role of express delivery service become a supporting factor for the smooth running of online business, especially during the pandemic.

J&T Express Brand Manager, Herline Septia conveyed the enthusiasm of participants towards online business, so this series of programs is expected to be able to find aspiring entrepreneurs at the student level to develop. "Through this J&T Youngpreneur roadshow, we see the interest and enthusiasm of students in starting an online business, but the majority are confused about how to develop it. Here, J&T Express focuses on inviting students to start developing enthusiasm and motivation for online business even during the pandemic period and will be supported by entrepreneurs who are already successful in their fields, in a series of continuing activities, namely the J&T Super Seller competition program, "he said.

J&T Youngpreneur is a series of the J&T Super Seller program, a competition program with a business incubator format that aims to increase the success of micro business development at the student level. During the competition period, the participants will be provided with business capital and educational provision from business experts. As a continuation, after the roadshow in the last city is done, J&T Express opens opportunities for active students in Indonesia to develop their business and receive business capital in the J&T Super Seller competition program, which will start on April 8th to August 20th, 2021. Registration can be done in the website www.jntsuperseller.com.


J&T Express Cares for Pemangku, Giving Gift Of Basic Needs on National Press Day.

Denpasar - February 9, 2021. Bali is one of the areas that is thick with Hindu customary culture, as a form of concern for one of the customs, the J&T Express Bali delivery service provider company visited Pemangku and provided groceries and cash gifts for medical treatment ahead of the commemoration of Press Day National.

"This assistance is a form of concern for us to empathize with the noble duties of Pemangku, through this gift we intend to help alleviate the needs of the Stakeholders," explained Assistant CEO of J&T Express, Adriansyah Halim during the handover of aid in Tabanan, Bali.

Also accompanied by representatives of J&T Express Bali namely Agung Santawya, Supervisor Agent of J&T Bali-Nusra and Made Sukada, Regional Assistant for J&T Express Denpasar, assistance was received directly by several stakeholders who were in poor health, including Jero Mangku I Made Mandu (80 ), Pura Dalem Kelaci Kelod Traditional Village. Jero Mangku I Komang Sugiarta (65), holder of Pura Puseh, Desa Adat Kota, Kediri District, Tabanan Regency, Bali.

Bandesa Adat Kelaci, I Gusti Made Astawa also witnessed and appreciated the attention and assistance of J&T Express for its residents. "From adat, we would like to thank J&T for providing assistance to one of our residents, namely puseh stakeholders," he said.

In this customary tradition, the Pemangku is a person who is purified, has a very important role in the respectable Hindudan society as an intermediary between humans and the Creator. Serving in the temple, serving the people who set devotion, anytime, anytime.

J&T Express Distributes Food and Clean Water Aid to More than 3,000 Disaster Victims Through Humanitarian Programs

Earthquakes, landslides and floods that hit several regions of West Sulawesi, South Kalimantan and West Java provinces, caused sorrow for all communities. As an express delivery service company that focuses on e-commerce business that has coverage up to those areas, J&T Express provided assistance in the form of food and clean water for flood victims who need more than 2,500 portions of food, 16,000 liters of clean water, and health assistance.

Through the humanitarian aid program, J&T Express collaborated with the Rapid Response Organization (ACT) to provide assistance. Ready-to-eat food is distributed by setting up public kitchens and providing clean water for flood-affected areas in Banjar Baru and Sungai Lulut - South Kalimantan. Meanwhile, the areas of Malunda, Majene and Tapalan Districts, Mamuju - West Sulawesi which were affected by the earthquake used trucks filled with ready-to-eat food. This assistance was received directly by the evacuation posts in each area.

“The natural disasters that have occurred during the past month have affected quite a lot of areas in Indonesia, including one of the operational areas of J&T Express which was also affected by the disaster. Through this collaborative humanitarian program with the ACT Foundation, we hope to reach more affected residents and benefit our brothers and sisters who are there," said Herline Septia, Brand Manager of J&T Express Indonesia.

In addition to providing assitance for South Kalimantan and West Sulawesi areas, the J&T Express Care Movement also reached the Sumedang area that were affected by landslides by distributing ready-to-eat food packages at Bojong Kondang post, Cimanggung. The humanitarian action that has been held since January 29, 2021 and will end in mid-February, includes assistance for more than 3,000 people affected by the disaster.


Announcement of 4 Billion Lucky Draw Winners for J&T Express Anniversary

At the peak of the J&T Express Anniversary Celebration event which was held on August 30, 2020, broadcast live on Youtube Channel J&T Express Indonesia, hundreds of lottery winners totaling 4 billion Rupiah were selected who made shipping transactions in the period 15 July 2020 - 25 August 2020.

Here is the link for the list of winners:


Congratulations to the winners!


1. The 25% prize tax will be borne by PT. Global Jet Express (J&T Express).

2. Vehicles accepted are off the road vehicles, J&T Express does not bear all costs incurred in making vehicle licenses (STNK, BPKB, letters and other permits).

3. The process of sending the prize to the winner will take a maximum of 90 days, starting from the date of announcement of the winner by J&T Express.

4. For the delivery of prizes in the form of housing units, it will be adjusted to the agreement between the winner and J&T Express.

5. For prizes in the form of vehicle units (motorbikes and cars), the winner will take the prize directly at the J&T Express Drop Point (J&T Express outlet or outlet) closest to the winner's domicile address.

6. Other forms of prizes will be sent directly to the winner's domicile address.

7. Apart from prizes in the form of housing units, other forms of prizes cannot be cashed.

8. Winners must provide the identity required by the J&T Express team for reporting prize-giving documentation, such as photocopies or scans of KTP and NPWP.

9. Prize takers cannot be represented by guardians, relatives, relatives, or friends. Except, the representative has a power of attorney signed by the winner in accordance with the KTP received by the J&T Express team and signed on a stamp of Rp. 6,000, -.

10. Representatives must submit information in the form of scanned ID cards to the J&T Express team.

11. If the winner is an organization with legal status or a limited liability company, then the prize winners may only be taken by the Director or by employees who have been authorized by the organization through a written power of attorney with a stamp of Rp. 6000, -

12. All J&T Express employees are prohibited from participating in the J&T Express Anniversary Lucky Draw program. If a J&T Express employee is found who has been selected as a winning candidate, it will be considered automatically void and a redraw is made.

13. This program does not charge any fees, and is officially organized by J&T Express without involving other parties. Beware of fraud on behalf of J&T Express.

14. All decisions made by J&T Express are final and cannot be contested.

The highlight of J&T Express's birthday is to give a total of 4 billion with the Grand Prize of 2 housing units

Jakarta, 31 August 2020 - J&T Express, a shipping service company that focuses on e-commerce businesses, is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a series of activities that have been held since 15 July 2020 and ended with a Happy Birthday which was held virtually on 30 August 2020. Broadcast directly from the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place - Jakarta, in this event, a total of 31.7 million J&T Express receipt numbers were drawn for the period 15 July - 25 August 2020 which had the opportunity to win a prize totaling 4 billion rupiah with a Grand prize 2 House Units worth a total of 1 billion rupiah , 1 unit Toyota Fortuner, 1 unit Toyota Innova, and 1 unit Mitsubishi Xpander.

Not only the grand prize, but the raffle which was held since 16.00 which was attended by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Social Service and Notary Public also distributed the raffle to hundreds of J&T Express customers including 5 Yamaha NMAX units, 10 Yamaha Fino Grande units, 10 metal units. noble 25 grams, 10 units of Fujifilm X-A5 cameras, 15 units of Iphone 11, 10 million rupiah in cash each for 20 winners, as well as hundreds of smartphones drawn from the receipt number of the same period.

“Entering the age of 5, J&T Express has a relationship that is more than just a shipping partner with our customers, but also a friend to share happiness. We want to give appreciation to all customers with various prizes and provide entertainment that can be enjoyed with family at home through live streaming concerts. We hope that we can provide a refreshment amid the limited entertainment activities in this pandemic, ”said Herline Septia as Brand Manager of J&T Express.

Also in this event, loyal J&T Express customers can enjoy the excitement with entertainment provided by the appearance of Indonesian artists, namely Raisa, JAZ, Tiara Andini, Andmesh, Via Vallen, NOAH and Weird Genius which are broadcast live via the Youtube Channel J&T Express, Vidio. com, Kapanlagi.com, and Liputan6.com with more than 300 thousand viewers.

Prior to the peak event of J&T Express Anniversary, various activities were also held in the context of the 5th anniversary on the J&T Express digital and social media platform, including the Share & Win draw with a total prize of 1.4 billion rupiah, the Tiktok Challenge with total prizes 250 million rupiah and the J&T Gapai Mimpimu program which succeeded in realizing more than 600 customer dreams with more than 31,000 customer dream stories sent with a total of 3 billion rupiah.