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Staff Account Payable
Job Description
  1. Memeriksa tagihan pembayaran

  2. Melakukan rekonsiliasi data

  3. Memastikan seluruh pembayaran sudah benar untuk pembayarannya

Job Requirement
  1. Pendidikan minimal S1 Akuntansi

  2. Terbuka untuk fresh graduate

  3. Memiliki pengetahuan pajak dasar

  4. Dapat menggunakan Microsoft Excel

  5. Memiliki etika kerja yang baik, bertanggung jawab, dan dapat bekerja secara team maupun individu

  6. Memiliki kemampuan adaptasi serta ketelitian yang baik

  7. Bersedia untuk lembur dan melakukan perjalanan dinas

  8. Bersedia penempatan di daerah Pluit Jakarta Utara

Administrasi Finance (Mandarin Speaker)
Job Description
  1. Melakukan pengecekan dokumen dan inputan data biaya atas tagihan pembayaran divisi terkait

  2. Membuat Report dan melakukan perhitungan biaya atas tagihan

  3. Melakukan follow-up  terkait pembayaran

  4. Mengorganisir seluruh dokumen administratif

Job Requirement
  1. Usia Maks. 31 Tahun

  2. Minimum S1 Semua Jurusan

  3. Diutamakan bisa berbahasa mandarin (Lisan dan Tertulis)

  4. Mampu menggunakan Microsoft Office (Word dan Excel)

  5. Mampu bekerja dibawah tekanan dan bisa bekerjasama dalam team

  6. Bersedia untuk Lembur dan melakukan perjalanan dinas jika diperlukan

  7. Bersedia penempatan di Landmark Pluit Tower, Jakarta Utara

Data Analyst (Management Accounting)
Job Description
  1. Data analysis related to market, transfer, distribution, and capacity 

  2. Monthly annual budget

  3. Integration of industry and finance

  4. Collation off reporting materials

Job Requirement
  1. Bachelor's degree in analysis, mathematics and other related degrees is preferred

  2. Strong execution : the task arranged by the leaders should be processed at the first time to ensure quality and quantity

  3. Responsible : responsible things should be taken into account, considered thoroughly, and taken seriously

  4. Logical analysis : clearly express the work situation, what problems to be solved. and how to solve them

  5. Effective communication : find problems or coordinate resources. timely feedback and preliminary solutions, and clarify the responsible party

  6. Proficient in Excel. Word, PPT, VB, SQL, Phyton (two of which are enough)

  7. Highly sensitive to numbers, meticulous and patient, organized and proactive

  8. Strong practical ability to process and analyze large amounts of data

Staff Supervise & Monitor
Job Description
  1. Accept reports and accusations from others, formulate investigation plans as needed, form project teams, investigate facts around clues, obtain relevant evidence from people and objects, output investigation results, and coordinate with judicial authorities to hold those involved in illegal activities accountable.

  2. Conduct audits and analysis based on business scenarios and financial and operational data, actively conduct self-inspection or discover fraud problems and clues each month, proficiently use various evidence collection tools and software as well as networking resources to expand sources of fraud clues, complete key evidence collection, and conduct fraud investigations.

  3. Assist headquarters and agent areas in formulating and implementing effective anti-fraud systems, documents, rules, processes, and procedures, establish networks and channels for obtaining fraud information in each agent area, and establish channels and public relations with local police and lawyers for evidence collection.

  4. Produce integrity advocacy training materials and training presentations, conduct integrity advocacy or training for new headquarters employees or management personnel of various agent areas, suppliers, and franchisees, conduct integrity activities using platforms such as social media accounts or other media, and promote integrity culture.

  5. Identify fraud risks, loopholes, and control deficiencies in the company's business scenarios and overall aspects, propose improvement suggestions and improvement plans, and empower and support surveillance work in various agent area.

Job Requirement
  1. Bachelor's degree or above, preferably in Law, Audit, Accounting, Intelligence Studies, or Psychology.

  2. Proficient in English and Bahasa Indonesia (listening, speaking, reading, and writing).

  3. Proficient in Mandarin language is a plus point.

  4. Priority will be given to candidates who have experience in internal corporate investigations, fraud audit project investigations, or experience in economic crimes investigation.

  5. Must have auditing experience and be able to conduct financial and operational data analysis, with exposure to or experience in fraud audits.

  6. Strong social and communication skills are required, with priority given to those who have the ability to obtain key evidence related to fraud or have access to evidence resources such as police stations or lawyers. Police or lawyer backgrounds are not necessarily required; having resources is sufficient.

  7. Experience or capability in training, with the ability to produce integrity advocacy materials.

  8. Must be flexible and adaptable, able to use various means to conduct fraud investigations according to the requirements of superiors.

  9. Strong observational skills, adept at observation, analysis, and summarization, with logical thinking, a strong sense of confidentiality, proactive work ethic, integrity, cooperation, and a certain ability to handle pressure.

  10. Willing to work overtime and travel outstation as required.